Expose Common Weight-Loss Myths

1.Starving myself/skipping meals are the best way to lose weight.

When you restrict calories, you’re restricting your body’s and brain’s energy source. And if that’s happening, very primitive protective mechanisms start to kick in where your body sense that there’s a physiological threat and start to shift your metabolic balance to burn less because it’s receiving less. Essentially, your body will jump into this protective and biological mechanism to reduce the amount of energy you’re using and this will make it difficult to maintain your new weight. Skipping meals makes it more likely that you will over-eat when you eventually do have your next one and this impact your blood sugar and energy levels and contribute to mood swings. Moderation, eating when you are hungry and listening to your body is the key to maintaining your ideal weight.

2. To lose weight, I have to cut out all carbs.

It’s almost impossible to have a no-carb diet. Fruits and vegetables are known as carbohydrates, and we must get those, in moderation, for their nutrients as well as for the release of our ‘happy’ hormones. It’s all about separating the good carbs from the bad. Cutting out unhealthy highly processed, white and sugary foods and replacing them with unrefined whole grains, whole berry fruits, vegetables, legumes with plenty of fiber are the secret to success.

3. Juice cleanses are a healthy way to lose weight.

Consuming only juice for a certain number of days show inconclusive benefits on the body. Getting the anti-oxidants and nutrients are great but the calorie restrictions and high content of fruit sugars in some juice cleanses can also lead to fainting, dehydration headaches and general weakness – all symptoms related to unstable blood sugar levels. You would be better off cleansing your body by actually eating the apple, the spinach and getting in the amount of fiber to stimulate bowel movement and support gut health.

4. Low-fat foods and gluten free products are best for losing weight and being healthy.

Foods that are labeled low-fat can often be highly processed and is higher in sugar to improve the taste. Rather include healthy fats and whole foods like avocado, full-cream yoghurt, coconut oil and olives. Rice cakes, gluten free biscuits and breads are often high in refined white rice which can lead to spiking high blood sugar levels and could hamper your weight loss goals. Sprouted bread (Essene) and seed crackers are good and healthy alternatives if you are gluten sensitive.


5. Snacking is bad for weight loss.

Quality and quantity snacks can help with portion control for larger meals minimize cravings and can have a positive effect on weight loss. Good snacks include nuts, Greek yoghurt with nut butter and mixed berries, crudités (cucumber slices, cauliflower& broccoli florets) with hummus and hard-boiled eggs. Mindfulness is also an important part of snacking. Grazing and munching away all day on snack bars is one of the behaviors that can lead to weight gain. You need to ask if you’re really hungry, thirsty or just tired/bored/emotional before reaching for a snack. Drinking water, herbal tea or going for a walk or any activity that you enjoy, is a good habit to replace emotional eating.


6.Counting calories is the secret to weight-loss

All calories are not created equally. A calorie depends on the source, where it’s coming from. We can have a cookie that’s 100 calories, we’ll eat it, it’ll digest really fast, then it spikes our blood sugar levels then crash, store excess in fat cells and you crave more sugar for that energy pick-me-up. Results in you to gain weight. On the other hand, you can have an avocado, a nutritionally dense food. But for those 100 calories you’re also get the fiber, nutrients that nourish your body and a slow sugar release, stabilizing the blood sugar levels and a healthy and sustainable weight.

Losing weight is so complex. Genetic predispositions, your family history and your relationship to food as you were growing up, are all factors we need to take into account to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


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